Being An Example Of God's Love

Feb 6, 2024    Tim Webb, Deanna Kenisell

Imagine walking a path that intertwines leadership with the deepest form of love—sacrificial love. Today, we journey through the often solitary world of leadership, exploring how the essence of agape love, exemplified by Jesus Christ, can not only uplift but transform the responsibilities of those at the helm in business, education, and beyond. Witness the call for a cultural shift in leadership paradigms, where the welfare of others becomes the guiding light for decision-making, mirroring the servant leadership modeled by Jesus. It's a conversation that promises to reshape your understanding of power and influence, ensuring that your leadership legacy is one that truly matters.

As we navigate the complexities of conflict in leadership roles, we uncover the strength of kindness and truth in converting adversaries into allies. Hear incredible stories of transformation where love triumphs over opposition, and learn about the intertwining of apologetics with suffering, illustrating that enduring for what is right can open doors to ministry and change. Embrace the idea that while leaders motivated by love may be few, their impact can ripple through the masses, setting a new standard for leadership. Join us in celebrating local examples where Christian values are the backbone of community initiatives, and be inspired by the sustaining power of the gospel in every facet of life. This episode is an invitation to lead with a heart like Christ, changing the world one selfless act at a time.