Faith in the Fray: A Congressman's Journey from Pulpit to Politics

Mar 19, 2024    Tim Webb, Representative Michael Cloud

When a man of faith steps into the public eye, the journey is as transformative as it is challenging. Our latest conversation with United States Representative Michael Cloud offers a rare glimpse into the personal evolution that ensues when a dedicated church member rises to become a guardian of the public trust. Representative Cloud shares his candid experiences, from the emotional and spiritual hurdles of serving in Congress to balancing firm principles with the art of negotiation in an environment rife with diverse beliefs.

Representative Michael Cloud Biography:

Representative Michael Cloud is a Constitutional Conservative who proudly represents the 27th Congressional District of Texas. Representative Cloud was first elected in a special election in 2018. He defends American values and Constitutional liberties. His time in office has been marked by promoting the booming economy in south Texas, maintaining a strong national defense, and combating anti-American values that work against the American people, rather than for the American people.


Since he’s been in office, he has worked hard to strengthen our border, while working towards immigration policies that benefit the American people. Representative Cloud has been actively working with Veterans to ensure they receive the care they need, while simultaneously working to reform some of the issues that plague the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has been a voice for the unborn by protecting religious freedom and working to end taxpayer-funded abortions.


His background as a small business owner gives him first-hand insight into the fight against bureaucracy and unnecessary regulations. As a longtime District 27 resident, he understands the needs and intricacies of the district and continuously works to serve and contribute to District 27.