Victories in the Fight for Freedom and Faith

This blog post goes along with Episode 8 of our Texas Leadership Summit Podcast
Host: Tim Webb, Founder & Board Member at Texas Leadership Summit
Guest: Steve Maxwell, Citizens Defending Freedom

Throughout time, the search for liberty and the chase after religious beliefs have been at the heart of human efforts, leading to significant achievements that have transformed societies and changed the direction of countries. From ending slavery and the victories of civil rights movements to the endurance of religious groups against oppression, these achievements emphasize the unbreakable spirit of those who fought for fairness, equality, and the freedom to believe and practice as they wished. These challenges and their eventual triumphs not only show the strength and bravery of individuals but also highlight the widespread longing for respect, freedom, and spiritual satisfaction. As we explore these historical achievements, we better understand the sacrifices made and the deep influence these victories have had on modern ideas of freedom and faith.

In this episode, I am joined by Steve Maxwell, the founder of Citizens Defending Freedom, a group dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary resources and assistance to protect their rights and independence and restore control over local governance to the community. Their goal is to aid and advocate for American citizens whose rights and freedoms have been violated. Steve sheds his powerful insights on where he got his passion to become a Christian leader, his pivotal moment, the enemy that should unite us in our faith, and encourages everyday leaders to get into the fight. Steve also talks more about the three elements of The Citizens Defending Freedom, how the people of Texas can get help when needed, his wins and battles, what he is looking forward to, and his final remarks. Tune in to learn more!

[01:17] Where Steve got his passion to become a Christian leader
[04:07] Steve’s pivotal moment
[08:22] The enemy that should unite us in our faith
[12:44] Encouragement to everyday leaders to get into the fight
[19:25] Three elements of The Citizens Defending Freedom
[24:16] How people of Texas can get help when needed
[24:38] Steve Macwell’s wins and battles
[32:39] What Steve is looking forward to
[37:27] Steve’s final remarks

Notable Quotes
(02:52) “If you are being attacked or your family is being attacked, you defend.”
(11:53) “Fear is one of the biggest things that holds back people of God from doing what they know is the right thing to do.”
(13:12) “In the bible. 365 times, it says do not fear.”
(15:33) “It’s always the minority that leads, and the rest will follow.”
(16:22) “Our best days are after we die, not here on earth.”
(29:04) “There is a battle between good and evil.”
(30:09) “Satan works through people, just like Christ works through people.”
(36:09) “Right thinking brings a right response.”

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