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Faith in Business: A Godly Approach To Company Culture and Leadership
by Philip Porter on June 10th, 2024
In today's competitive business world, integrating faith with work can transform company culture and leadership. By building Christian values in our businesses, we create environments where integrity, honesty, and compassion thrive. As leaders, we can inspire our employees to uphold these values, fostering a workplace that reflects the love and principles of Christ. This approach not only enhances ethical decision-making and promotes a positive work culture but also aligns our business practices with our faith, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and impactful professional journey.  Read More
Victories in the Fight for Freedom and Faith
by Philip Porter on June 10th, 2024
Throughout time, the search for liberty and the chase after religious beliefs have been at the heart of human efforts, leading to significant achievements that have transformed societies and changed the direction of countries. From ending slavery and the victories of civil rights movements to the endurance of religious groups against oppression, these achievements emphasize the unbreakable spirit of those who fought for fairness, equality, and the freedom to believe and practice as they wished. These challenges and their eventual triumphs not only show the strength and bravery of individuals but also highlight the widespread longing for respect, freedom, and spiritual satisfaction. As we explore these historical achievements, we better understand the sacrifices made and the deep influence these victories have had on modern ideas of freedom and faith.  Read More
Faith in the Fray: A Congressman's Journey from Pulpit to Politics
by Phil Porter on March 19th, 2024
Understanding and applying Christian values is a crucial compass for political leaders who seek to navigate the complex landscape with integrity and compassion. Christian leaders, guided by principles such as love, justice, and humility, face the challenge of balancing their faith with the demands of public service. Navigating the political terrain with Christian values involves making decisions that reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ, promoting fairness, mercy, and selfless service.  Read More
How To Prevent Leadership Burnout (Part 2)
by Phil Porter on February 20th, 2024
Burnout is a danger for passionate Christian leaders. Serving God and others often means pouring yourself out. But an empty cup cannot overflow. To prevent flameout, you must refuel your faith. Make time for prayer, rest, and renewal. Connect with God's word to regain perspective and purpose. Lean on loved ones and fellow believers for support. Entrust burdens to Christ through heartfelt worship. Schedule breaks to restore body, mind, and spirit. Learn to say "no" to maintain healthy boundaries.  Read More
Being An Example Of God's Love
by Phil Porter on February 6th, 2024
As a Christian leader, embodying God's love is at the heart of your role. Being an example of God's love means living a life that reflects the compassion, kindness, and forgiveness demonstrated by Jesus Christ. It involves treating others with respect, showing empathy, and helping those in need. By consistently practicing love and humility in your interactions, you inspire and guide others on their spiritual journey. As you lead with a servant's heart, your actions become a testimony to the transformative power of God's love, fostering a community where faith, grace, and love flourish.  Read More
How To Prevent Leadership Burnout (Part 1)
by Phil Porter on January 23rd, 2024
Navigating the responsibilities of leadership in a Christian context can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope, with the constant pressure to avoid mistakes, the weight of past traumas, and the challenges of a potentially hostile environment. Burnout, a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, can creep in when these pressures become overwhelming. As a Christian leader, finding ways to prevent burnout is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance in your life and effectively serving others.  Read More