The What And The Why Behind Texas Leadership Summit

Jan 2, 2024    Deanna Kenisell, Tim Webb

Join in on a conversation with Tim Webb, the visionary behind the Texas Leadership Summit, as we unite faith-based leaders from all walks of life. Our discussion traces the roots of the TLS and its mission to foster a new generation of leaders under the banner of Christian faith. As we navigate through stories of Texas' storied past, we draw parallels to the present, examining the impact of robust Christian leadership within business, government, church, and education spheres. Discover how TLS equips individuals with the courage and tools to lead with conviction, all while nurturing a community bonded by shared values and the pursuit of meaningful change.

This chapter of our journey isn't just about heralding the call to action—it's about celebrating the victories of those who answered. We shine a light on organizations invigorated by our summit, who have taken a stand for their beliefs, overcoming challenges with grace and tenacity. Tune in for a heartfelt exploration of faith-guided leadership, the courage to shatter comfort zones, and the small but mighty percentage of proactive leaders shaping the silent majority. We're not just extending a hand to believers but also to those yet to discover Christ, with resources like the Teach Me The Bible Podcast and our dedicated website to guide and uplift. Together, let's reflect on the milestones reached and gear up for the waves of change rolling in with 2024.