Empowering Leaders with the Courage, Tools, and Hope to Ignite a Revival of Christian Leadership.

Texas Leadership SummitTexas Leadership Summit (TLS) stands for faith which provides freedom in the Pillars of Church, Education, Government, and Business. 

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Stand For Faith
Build For The Future

Texas Leadership Summit (TLS) is empowering leaders from all over the country with courage, tools, and hope to ignite a revival of christian leadership. There is one big reason to unite and His name is Jesus.

Biblical Thinking, Biblical Response

Are you not tired of the media and culture trying to pollute our thinking? This has caused believers to be passive in evangelism and feel useless, isolated, lost, silent, and without hope for our state and nation. Today's believers need to know that they can be faith-based leaders and impact change in church, business, education, and government.

Events Throughout
The Year

Our goal is to have events throughout the year that encourage people to "Stand For Their Faith." We  started with our first annual leadership summit on October 8th, 2022, and  in 2023 are planning more impactful events. We seek to have influential, biblical, and dynamic leaders speaking at all our our events to grow and encourage faith-based leaders to be active in their local communities.