Speaker Nathan Sheets

Jan 21, 2023    Nathan Sheets

When I started Nature Nate’s Honey Co., I was asked by a mentor, “What do you want to do with a honey company?” My quick answer was, “I want to help people.” I desired to create a company, not just sell a product. By creating a company, we would be able to provide fair-paying jobs and, ultimately, through the sale of honey, make a tangible impact in the lives of others. Always starting with making the purest, best-tasting honey for our customers. My business card has the title of “Chief Steward.” A steward is someone entrusted to manage and oversee something that does not belong to them. My belief in stewardship is grounded in the principle that the Lord provides me with everything I own to steward for His purposes. It is motivating and challenging to maintain a proper understanding and perspective on this purpose of mine at Nature Nate’s.